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Happy holidays from GroundCover

GRDC wishes everybody a fun festive season and hopes everybody stays safe.
Photo: GRDC

Another year done is done and dusted, and the team at GRDC is ready for a well-earned break. We’ll be back with another crop of excellent stories for you to read in early 2022.

GRDC wishes everybody a fun festive season and hopes everybody stays safe.

The GroundCover team thanks you for your ongoing support and appreciate any feedback you might have.

In lieu of GroundCover’s shutdown, we have some great stories to keep you entertained.

12 days of Christmas stories

If you missed out, here’s your chance to recap some of the fan favourite articles for the year:

  1. Narrow row spacings set up ‘opportunity enterprise’
  2. Survey sheds light on machinery costs
  3. Machinery decisions start with the maths
  4. Modern agronomy opens door to nitrogen rethink
  5. Deep thinking drives machinery development
  6. Hay enterprise provides risk buffer for crops
  7. Lesson learned as soil tests beat costly assumptions
  8. Research sheds light on gypsum’s role in tackling soil acidity
  9. Prior harvest lessons increase returns for growers
  10. Agronomic finesse underpins winning crop
  11. Study shows tweaking pays handsome dividends
  12. Top tips for grain storage success.

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GLNC – recipes

In association with the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council, here are some recipes we thought you might like that would go down a treat on Christmas, whilst getting all the required grains for a healthy lifestyle.

For breakfast you could whip up a quick Breakfast trifle.

For lunch what would Christmas be without prawns. You could whip up Garlic prawns with white beans. As a side you could make Chickpea, cauliflower and spinach bites.

And to finish off for those with a sweet tooth, Lupin brownies.

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