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Precision agriculture and machinery


PA Symposium a fertile forum for learning

27 Nov 2023

Peer-to-peer learning can be a powerful means of building knowledge and capacity and was on show in the form of...

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Plant breeding


Resistant regions mapped in RLN research

16 Nov 2023

Wild chickpea relatives collected from south-east Türkiye (Turkey) are helping researchers develop new root lesion nematode-resistant chickpea varieties.

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Paddock drainage trials show promising results

09 Jun 2023

GRDC investments, South Coast NRM and Stirlings to Coast Farmers are exploring the potential return on investment of subsurface water...

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Industry insights


On the case of low-emission crop rotations

20 Nov 2023

Bio-economic modellers are working with a major Western Australian farming systems project to determine how growers can profitably achieve low-emission...

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