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Precision agriculture and machinery


How to minimise wind erosion after soil amelioration

15 Dec 2020

Severe wind events in the Western Australian grainbelt in 2020, especially in May, demonstrated that wind erosion after summer/autumn soil...

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Plant breeding


Bridge to wild relatives may break barley’s yield ceiling

27 Jan 2021

A step change in barley’s yield potential in both favourable and drought-affected seasons is being masterminded by South Australian researchers...

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‘Tweaks’ to planting date to lift climate resilience

23 Dec 2020

In a bid to respond to climate change and close the yield gap, growers and researchers across the northern region...

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Industry insights


WA grain industry plans a carbon neutral future

28 Jan 2021

The Update will cover the science of storing carbon in WA grainbelt soils, the obligation to store carbon for either...

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