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Precision agriculture and machinery


Partnerships and vision are key to an autonomous future

03 Jun 2024

GRDC’s Grain Automate strategy is seeking to help growers realise even more profitable and sustainable farming systems into the future

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Plant breeding


Re-imagining heat tolerance traits in wheat – part 2

04 Jun 2024

New ways to select for heat tolerance in wheat are under development in four new projects that are mining wheat’s...

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GHG emissions avoidance a preferred strategy

20 May 2024

A greenhouse gas emissions expert told the 2024 Wagga Wagga GRDC Update to expect a link between carbon footprints and...

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Industry insights


Study measures faba bean link to system profitability

12 Jul 2024

Adding faba beans to canola/wheat rotations lifted returns and lowered risk in two southern New South Wales farming systems experiments

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