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Latest News from the South

Clear region News by region: North South West

SA growers pick crop contenders with 2024 guide

09 Nov 2023

The 2024 South Australian Crop Sowing Guide to help South Australian grain growers determine the best crop variety for their situation has been published.


Less haste, more speed for lentil desiccation timing

03 Nov 2023

Wet years and late rain in recent years might have tempted some lentil growers to desiccate their crops a little...

Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Annual ryegrass targeted for termination in every crop

02 Nov 2023

Tim Williams says the decision to buy a Seed Terminator is paying off with less reliance on pre-emergence herbicides in some crops.

Grower Stories

Motivated grower surprised to take out SA award

26 Oct 2023

6 What did Sam Ballantyne and his family do to grow a hyper-yielding crop?


Embracing a data-based approach to optimising soil moisture

18 Oct 2023

Assessing the merits of using plant-available water capacity and soil moisture measurement are important parts of making on-farm decisions. Researchers agree that combining PAWC information with soil moisture monitoring can give growers an edge in decision-making, providing valuable information to help with decisions, including what and when to plant, the likely response to mid-season fertiliser applications, and yield predictions.


Podcasts capture a mobile grower audience

22 Sep 2023

GRDC has produced hundreds of podcasts since 2018, many of them highly technical and focused on promoting new research or...


Lime project could bring good news for no-till farmers

08 Sep 2023

Research into correcting soil acidification in cropping systems is showing that using different lime application techniques can suit differing soil...

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