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Help at hand for better frost decisions

10 May 2024

A key feature of a GRDC investment managed by Mallee Sustainable Farming, the 'Better Frost Decisions' Facebook page is a dynamic community resource where growers and agronomists share their experiences, insights and management strategies around...


Timely support for frost-risk regions

09 May 2024

A suite of resources drawing on the knowledge of agronomists across the Mallee has been developed to help mitigate against...


Trials help faba beans build promise in HRZ

08 May 2024

Faba bean trials over several years are looking at integrated disease management and optimal nutrition and canopy growth to provide growers with a reliable and...


Liming and spading trial shows value of strategic tillage

22 Apr 2024

6 Given the slow rate at which surface-applied lime moves into untilled soil, strategic tillage has been considered the best way to correct subsurface acidity within...

Innovation Maximising yield – by the numbers
Grower Stories

Strong yields open new chapters in cereal story

01 Apr 2024

In his first year in the GRDC Hyper Yielding Crops program, sixth-generation Tasmanian beef producer and grower achieved the highest-yielding crop of wheat in Australia. The yield came with plenty of rainfall over his 330ha enterprise, but it was also aided by agronomic practices he employed as part of the program.


SA grain growers to shape research investment

15 Mar 2024

South Australian grain growers, particularly those in the Eyre Peninsula, are being called upon to participate in a series of...


Communications expert and agronomist each win grains industry awards

06 Feb 2024

Australian agricultural communicator Belinda Cay and agronomist Jana Dixon were celebrated with prestigious awards from the Grains Research and Development...

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