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Webinar season stimulating demand for Australian grains in Asia

Noodles drying in Thailand, one of the markets targeted in AEGIC’s webinar schedule.
Photo: AEGIC

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre’s (AEGIC) market and grain quality experts are looking forward to a busy 2021 schedule of webinars targeting customers across Asia.

At this time in a regular year, AEGIC’s grain experts and industry collaborators would be travelling to meet flour millers, food manufacturers, brewers, maltsters and representatives of animal feed industries across Asia.

Travel is not possible at the moment, but AEGIC is still able to reach customers in the virtual space to provide industry updates and demonstrate the quality and value of Australian grains.

The free webinars, which feature simultaneous language interpretation, are targeted towards Asian grain customers. Australian grains industry stakeholders are welcome to participate.

The ‘Quality of Australian wheat’ webinars provide virtual events for Asian markets including Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, plus many more to be confirmed.

For each individual market, multiple webinars will cover:

  • quality, supply and demand of Australian wheat;
  • Australian wheat for healthy whole wheat products;
  • extracting full value from Australian wheat for premium yellow alkaline noodles; and
  • extracting full value from Australian wheat for baking.

The webinars feature involvement by grains industry experts and stakeholders including Austrade, InterGrain, the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council and Ag Scientia.

Stimulating demand for Australian feed grains

Demonstrating the value and practical applications of Australian feed grains for Asian livestock is also a key focus in 2021.

Already in 2021, AEGIC has conducted webinars for the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and many more will be scheduled throughout the year.

These events feature respected animal nutrition experts including Tony Edwards, Dr Megan Edwards and Dr Steve Little. The webinars will provide feed grain buyers with useful insights into the nutritional value of alternative feed grains for dairy and practical information about how to formulate feed rations using Australian grains.

Feedback so far suggests that customers consider these events to be very valuable and there is growing interest in using more Australian feed grains.

AEGIC is grateful for the support of the Australian Government’s Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) program in this initiative.

AEGIC is an investment of GRDC and the Western Australian State Government.

More information: Danielle Whitfield, 08 6168 9900,; AEGIC upcoming events

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