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Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Genetic detective on the mouse trail

04 Dec 2021

Forecasting of mouse plagues across Australian grain producing regions stands to have a boost through a GRDC-supported capacity-building project. Dr Kevin Oh is applying his ecological and genetic skills to...


New insights into link between soil strength and soil water

03 Dec 2021

Building science capacity is important when it comes to understanding the amelioration requirements of Australia’s ancient and diverse soils. Dr...


New research to reveal true cost of harvest losses to growers

02 Dec 2021

Research is under way in Western Australia to measure the magnitude of grain and profit lost during harvest.

Weeds, Pests and Diseases Phase rethink to aid weed and pest management

Pandemic delivers a win for local agriculture students

01 Dec 2021

A keen interest in food crops has underpinned Dr Onoriode Coast’s travel and training around the world and led to...


New tools for wheat salt tolerance

29 Nov 2021

Innovative research using proteomics is putting salt tolerance under the microscope to provide a boost to breeding wheat with increased salt tolerance


The next generation: our bridge to the future

27 Nov 2021

GRDC has a proud history of investing in the next generation of young PhD and postdoctorate students to build research...


Multi-pronged strategy tackles LMA wheat quality defect

26 Nov 2021

Research into the wheat quality defect late maturity alpha-amylase (LMA) targets genetic improvements, field predictions and new testing methods

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