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Grower Stories

Growers extol multiple soybean benefits

16 Sep 2021

Sugarcane growers diversifying into grains crops find multiple benefits


Research compares alternative lime sources

15 Sep 2021

In glasshouse research, limesand and dolomite have outperformed alternative liming products to raise soil pH and improve crop root growth....

Grower Stories

Soybean supply sweetened by coastal plantings

14 Sep 2021

Strategic GRDC investments in research, development and extension are helping innovative sugarcane growers try soybeans, improving continuity of supply for local processors

Grower Stories

Storage options explained for ‘new’ grain growers

12 Sep 2021

Workshops to better understand storage options are helping sugarcane growers who are diversifying into grains crops

Weeds, Pests and Diseases More durable leaf rust resistance in the works for barley

Deep treatments put to the test

10 Sep 2021

By digging deep, two PhD students are exploring the benefits and potential negatives of phosphorus placement

Weeds, Pests and Diseases Reports of stripe rust in barley spark prompt response

New mungbean a gem despite setbacks

08 Sep 2021

Breil Jackson tested Opal-AU (PBR) mungbeans this year with pleasing results

Grower Stories

Irrigation and drainage investment help maximise HRZ yields

07 Sep 2021

Managing waterlogging has become one of the keys to combining grain growing with more-traditional vegetable production on the Cole family’s...

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