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Soils research offers glimpse into plant reaction to nutrients

02 Aug 2020

Data from WA’s wheatbelt is suggesting deep ripping improves crop access to nitrogen fertiliser.

Weeds, Pests and Diseases

FAW’s genetics and insecticide sensitivities explored to develop pest management plans

01 Aug 2020

In other parts of the world fall armyworm has developed resistance to commonly used insecticides, making management more difficult. In...

Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Researchers work to better understand FAW and identify RD&E further priorities

31 Jul 2020

GRDC has invested in cesar to lead a project investigating FAW biology, spread and establishment potential, and options for improving industry capability to manage the...

Weeds, Pests and Diseases ...

Using ground-based EM and radiometrics to map soil amelioration

29 Jul 2020

Ground-based electromagnetic and radiometric surveys can be useful tools for mapping soil issues and amelioration options over large areas.

Grower Stories

Confidence in cropping future after two decades of weed management

27 Jul 2020

A 20-year paddock survey has highlighted the changing weed management practices of growers in WA’s northern agricultural region.


Better chickpea screening

25 Jul 2020

Improved screening techniques will test the extent of acid soil tolerance in diverse chickpea collections.


Disease resistance genes as a renewable resource

24 Jul 2020

A new, more strategic form of the standard crop rotation has been identified as potentially providing vastly more resilient control...

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