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Grower Stories

Weed control a key focus as new season gets underway

15 Apr 2024

Each year, GroundCover™ follows a group of growers from across Australia as they manage the cropping season. In this first instalment for 2024, staff writers introduce this year’s participants.


Optimistic outlook on more profitable, sustainable pathway

12 Apr 2024

Opening the Adelaide Grains Research Update, GRDC managing director Nigel Hart outlined the organisation’s key investment areas aimed at ensuring...


Call for AgTech solutions: Apply to innovate!

11 Apr 2024

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has teamed up with Cicada Innovations to kick off the Grains Challenge, a new initiative designed to foster...


Balancing the bitter-sweetness of lupins to increase their consumption

08 Apr 2024

6 Chunsheng Xiao is applying innovative science to understand the molecular basis of the bitter alkaloids in narrow leaf lupin in pursuit of developing ‘bittersweet’ lupins....

Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Lessons for navigating resistance storms

05 Apr 2024

The annual Crop Protection Forum, convened by the Australian Herbicide Research Initiative, is a key event where scientists, agronomists and growers come together to share the latest in advances for weed, insect and disease management. Titled the ‘Storm of resistance’, the 2023 event brought urgency to addressing the matter with integrated management systems and novel approaches.

Grower Stories

Strong yields open new chapters in cereal story

01 Apr 2024

In his first year in the GRDC Hyper Yielding Crops program, sixth-generation Tasmanian beef producer and grower achieved the highest-yielding...

Grower Stories

Engagement in trials creates a cereal contender

29 Mar 2024

Encouraged by a record-breaking wheat yield achieved as part of the 2022 GRDC Hyper Yielding Crops program, Tasmanian grower Hamish...

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