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Holistic strategy to enhance chickpea blight resistance

08 Dec 2023

Ascochyta blight is the number one disease threat to chickpea production in Australia. GRDC is taking a holistic approach with an investment managed by South Australian Research and Development Institute, uniting skills across several agencies....


Chickpea blight – resistance phenotyping

07 Dec 2023

Simulating conditions for Ascochyta blight disease screening of chickpeas has proved challenging. With GRDC investment it has now been achieved...


International profiling team tackle chickpea Ascochyta blight

06 Dec 2023

Ascochyta blight is a continual threat to chickpea production in Australia but a forensic approach by an international consortium is set to type both pathogen...


Book your spot at the Grains Research Update Perth

04 Dec 2023

6 The 2024 Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Grains Research Update in Perth invites grain growers, advisers, and researchers to a pivotal event on February...


Chilling-tolerance phenotyping for chickpeas

01 Dec 2023

Increased chilling tolerance is a trait requiring bolstering to expand chickpea production in Australia. To this end, a reliable screening method has been developed and chickpea lines with improved chilling tolerance have been identified by a team from Western Australia’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development with GRDC investment. These outputs will prove valuable for chickpea breeding.


Multi-species DNA chip to boost chickpea improvement

29 Nov 2023

Connecting pre-breeding pulse research to breeding has proved challenging. With GRDC investment, Agriculture Victoria Research has developed a high-throughput and...

Grower Stories

Tammin grower demonstrates benefit of peer learning

28 Nov 2023

Farming an expansive property at Tammin in Western Australia, Brad Jones is a pioneer in the adoption of precision ag...

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