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Hay enterprise underpins crop expansion

22 Jun 2021

A sophisticated export hay enterprise has provided a profitable, low-risk foundation for a South Australian family’s cropping expansion at Lameroo in the southern Mallee region. Grower, agronomist and GRDC southern...


Webinar season stimulating demand for Australian grains in Asia

21 Jun 2021

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre’s (AEGIC) market and grain quality experts are looking forward to a busy 2021 schedule...

Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Could collaboration be best weapon against weeds?

20 Jun 2021

The Area Wide Weed Management project is investigating a different approach to traditional weed control.


Forecasts fortified for decision-making confidence

18 Jun 2021

Comparative report cards for international climate models will provide agriculturally relevant comparisons of their effectiveness to forecast for agricultural metrics....

Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Disease tool to inform growers’ variety choices

16 Jun 2021

A project is developing a ‘yield loss to disease’ tool that draws on five years of Australian field trial data and statistical analysis. The tool will be used to determine likely yield responses to various disease loads for wheat varieties with different resistance and tolerance ratings.


Managing canopy growth in higher rainfall zones to maximise yield

14 Jun 2021

Canopy management is essential for optimising water use and realising water limited potential.

Weeds, Pests and Diseases

Events to present weed testing and survey results

12 Jun 2021

Herbicide resistance workshops will be held in four locations from 22 June to 5 August.

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