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Grain-ful reflections in 2023

GRDC wishes everyone a festive break and we look forward to seeing you again in 2024!
Photo: GRDC

As harvest finishes up for grain growers and holidays get underway, we extend our warmest wishes for a joyous festive season and a prosperous new year.

As we farewell 2023, we are looking forward to what the new year brings. What won't change is our commitment to bringing you the latest in grains research, innovative farming techniques, and stories from the heart of our agricultural community.

But before we can welcome 2024, let's recap some favourites from 2023.

Your favourite stories

In celebration of the year's end, let's revisit some of your favourite articles:

  1. Clocking up a week’s work in just one day
  2. A battle to watch: AI versus weeds
  3. Cropping land restoration and the lessons following successive years of drought in NSW
  4. Stubble height trials
  5. The WA tall stubble story – a tale of pros and cons.

These stories not only highlighted the advancements in our field but also brought to light the enduring spirit of our farming communities.

Some top listening

This year we produced 83 podcasts with over 50,000 downloads. These were your top listened podcasts if you missed out or wanted to recap.

  1. Managing Cereal Disease in 2023 (Part 1)
  2. Financial Benchmarking, the importance of financial benchmarking and how to go about it
  3. Managing Cereal Disease in 2023 (Part 2)
  4. Heat Tolerant Chickpea; update on heat tolerant chickpea lines
  5. GRDC in conversation: Dan Bingham.

Tickling your funny bone

How could we not recap all the pun-tastic Friday funnies we’ve released this year.

1. This 'Friday Funny' image went viral, reaching over 3.6M people!

Grain image 1 meme

Photo: Does it still look a little grainy? people! Source: GRDC

2. Are you at your wheat's end?

Tough meme

Photo: Just survivin' wheat to wheat, er, week to week... Source: GRDC

3. Can't say we're not consistent.

Parked cars

Photo: Where did I park my car? Source: GRDC

4. Definitely not trying to cause a-fence.

A fence

Photo: This fence has been post-poned. Source: GRDC

If you weren’t already, we highly recommend following our social media accounts for more images that will tickle your funny bone and provide you with other useful grains and research information.

Festive recipes for your table

As we gather around our holiday tables, let's not forget the grains that form the backbone of our meals. Here are some delightfully fresh recipes by the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council to add a festive touch to your Christmas feast:

Grilled peach and tomato

Grilled peach and tomato brushetta. Source: GLNC.

Season's greetings from GRDC

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude for your continued support and engagement. Your stories, feedback, and passion for grains have been the driving force behind our work.

We hope this festive season brings you joy, health, and prosperity. Travel safely, stay well, and let's look forward to what 2024 has in store.

Many thanks and season's greetings, from GRDC.

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