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GRDC brings management insights to the land

GRDC Western Region Panel chair Darrin Lee encourages, advisers and others involved in the grains industry to register for the GRDC Farm Business Updates.
Photo: GRDC

Western Australian grain growers are encouraged to register early for the upcoming GRDC Farm Business Updates at Esperance, Goomalling and Williams.

The one-day forums are designed to provide growers, advisers and agribusiness personnel with high quality information about farm business management concepts and practices.

The events will feature a presentation on land price and profitability analysis by Agrarian Management owner and Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants (WA) president Ashley Herbert.

“Land purchases are ultimately a decision about value and risk,” Mr Herbert says.

“We will show growers how to analyse the value a potential acquisition could bring to their business and whether it is worth the associated risk.” 

Other presenters will offer insights on a range of topics including global economics and trade, the geopolitical impacts of China and the United States elections, new workplace safety regulations, managing the farm team, and more.

The Goomalling and Williams events will also include a presentation by Farmanco consultant Rob Sands on making more affordable, profitable farm machinery and technology purchase decisions.

GRDC Western Region Panel chair Darrin Lee says the events will help drive the innovation and adoption of improved farm business management practices across the grain industry. 

“We have secured a diverse group of engaging and well qualified speakers for the 2021 events, covering a broad range of issues from international markets and the economic picture to cost-effective machinery and farm workplace culture,” Mr Lee says.

“With many farms operating as multi-million dollar family businesses, best-practice management is a cornerstone for profitable, sustainable and resilient operations.”

The 2021 GRDC Farm Business Updates will take place at:

  • Esperance on February 8,
  • Goomalling on February 10, and
  • Williams on February 11.

To register or for more information, visit GRDC Upcoming Updates and events or ORM Upcoming Events.

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