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Spray drift workshops deemed a big success

Reading the product label is vital for pesticides and other chemicals, especially when it comes to instructions for managing spray drift.
Photo: GRDC

Workshop series has helped set-up growers for improved spray application techniques.

The GRDC is continuing to keep grain growers up-to-date with latest spray application technologies and techniques. Part of this has been through a series of free-of-charge workshops held in 2018.

Australias leading spray application specialist, Bill Gordon, was among the experts who helped the growers attending the workshops to optimise the performance of their spray equipment, improve product application and mitigate spray drift risk factors.

Topics during the sessions included:

  • Nozzle selection  type, pressure and pattern
  • Droplet size and spray quality
  • Legal and nozzle requirements for 2,4-D
  • Appropriate conditions for spraying
  • Day versus night spraying (risk of drift)
  • 24-hour risk profile for summer spraying
  • Rate of product and adjuvant selection
  • Adjuvant effects on nozzles (demonstration)
  • Boom height above the target
  • Influence of travel speed
  • Boom stability importance
  • Machine/sprayer design
  • Capture surface/ground cover.

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