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Australia growers to benefit from miller support

AEGIC mill expert John Kalitsis presenting in Vietnam.
Photo: AEGIC

All flour millers want their mills to be running at their best to get the most value from the wheat they use.

Millers need to hone their mill settings for multiple flour output targets, including flour yield and flour specifications for products such as bread and noodles. But wheat can vary by grade, season or location. In other words, the mill settings that give optimal results for one batch of wheat may not be optimal for another.

photo of chopsticks holding noodles against a red background
Photo: Unsplash

To help customers in South-East Asia optimise their use of Australian wheat, AEGIC developed extensive milling data based on analysis of Australian Hard (AH) and Australian Standard White (ASW) samples from two seasons and from different locations across Australia, using AEGIC’s pilot mill in Sydney.

AEGIC’s data shows that specific settings for wheat moisture conditioning and tempering may help millers increase their flour yield and improve end-product quality, including bread and noodle colour.

The data means AEGIC is in a unique position to work with millers to help them maximise the benefits of Australian wheat, making it more likely they will continue to choose Australian wheat.

AEGIC mill experts John Kalitsis and Mat Rees delivered this information to millers across South-East Asia as part of AEGIC’s Australian wheat quality seminar series in March.

AEGIC hopes to expand and strengthen the already-powerful dataset by analysing more wheat grades from additional locations, and by considering more mill variables in the data model. AEGIC will continue to use this data to help flour mills optimise the value of Australian wheat via meetings, workshops and in-market engagement.

More information: Dr John Kalitsis,

AEGIC is an initiative of the Western Australian State Government and Grains Australia. GRDC provides investment to Grains Australia, which in turn invests in AEGIC.

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