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NVT standard to bring confidence and clarity

The National Variety Trials has created new reporting standards to provide more consistency and clarity around results.
Photo: GRDC

The National Variety Trials (NVT) has created a new standard for reporting results.

NVT senior manager Sean Coffey says the standard’s key purposes are twofold. “One is to provide the industry with clarity on the correct use of results and the second is to give growers confidence in the validity of results, wherever they are presented,” Mr Coffey says.

To ensure confidence and make NVT results easier to identify, the NVT logo will be included with all reported results, he says.

This will ensure consistent and accurate reporting of NVT results by third parties and means that where NVT results are used, other information will also be included to provide context, such as trial years, locations and appropriate varieties. The results will also be clearly defined, not mixed with non-NVT trial results, and consistent with results on the NVT website.

Robert Pocock, who farms with his wife Courtney and parents Bruce and Gaylia at Lameroo in South Australia’s southern Mallee, welcomes the new NVT standard.

For about half a century, his family has hosted trials on their farm.

“In one form or another we have hosted trials for about four generations. We’ve always had a strong relationship with researchers and understand what they are trying to achieve.”

He sees the new NVT standard as a form of data quality assurance. “This is a great way for growers to look at data in a transparent way. The quality of the data provided is of utmost importance when making decisions that will impact on our economics.”

More information: view the standard terms in the NVT Protocols.

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