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New researchers given experience to present at the Perth GRDC Updates in a ‘snapshot’ session

GRDC grower relations manager Jo Wheeler chairs a novel ‘snapshot’ session for early-career researchers at the Perth GRDC Updates.
Photo: Lumens Photography/GRDC

A speed session was convened to enable 17 early-career researchers to convey key findings from their research.

The concept of the ‘elevator pitch’ is a marketing one, born from the idea that you enter an elevator and discover you are face-to-face with the CEO of the company you work for or one for whom you wish to work. You only have the time it takes for the elevator to reach the top floor (30 to 60 seconds) to make an impression.

It is a communication concept that has transferred into the research fraternity. Not only can it be an effective way of distilling the main findings from research, but it can also give young researchers the opportunity to extend their research and begin to hone their communication skills.

Seventeen early-career researchers were given this opportunity for the first time in a fast-paced session, facilitated by GRDC grower relations manager Jo Wheeler, during the February Perth GRDC Updates convened by the Grains Industry Association of Western Australia.

The following summarises the key messages, in a snapshot, that they were able to convey in the five minutes each presenter was allocated. It illustrates how these young researchers are contributing to the knowledge base of the grains industry and delivering tools and techniques for the broader research and development community.

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