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AEGIC eLearning to strengthen the Indonesia market

AEGIC’s Dr Ian Wesley demonstrating the eLearning program in Jakarta.
Photo: AEGIC

AEGIC’s new eLearning training program is helping to foster closer connections with flour mills in Indonesia.

Developed by AEGIC, in partnership with Grains Australia (a GRDC initiative) and IA-CEPA ECP Katalis, the online training is designed to upskill workers and improve efficiency in Indonesia’s rapidly growing flour milling industry.

South-East Asia is one of Australia’s most important wheat markets, importing more than $6 billion worth of wheat in 2023 – 40 per cent of the value of all Australian wheat exports. Indonesia is the largest market in South-East Asia.

AEGIC general manager – research and technical services Dr Ken Quail says AEGIC’s eLearning platform will support the internal training offered by flour mills by providing employees with up-to-date technical knowledge.

“The training will drive better performance within the Indonesian milling industry, making companies more globally competitive and more able to support flour and flour-based food exports,” he says.

“An efficient and informed Indonesian milling industry will be better able to extract value from Australian grain through higher flour extraction rates, leading to improved flour mill profitability.

Fostering closer connections with flour mills and supporting the use of Australian wheat makes it more likely Indonesian customers will continue to source wheat from Australia, ultimately benefiting growers.

The training consists of video modules covering wheat quality, the milling process and other mill operations. Course materials are available in English and Bahasa Indonesia. With flour mills often spread over multiple sites, the platform overcomes distance and the need for time away from work.

Dr Quail says the training package has potential to be rolled out to flour mills in other markets, including within Australia, to support their existing training programs.

More information: Dr Ken Quail,

AEGIC is an initiative of the Western Australian State Government and Grains Australia. GRDC provides investment to Grains Australia, which in turn invests in AEGIC.

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