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  • Australia reaps rewards as international oat conference host
    Australia reaps rewards as international oat conference host
    Supplement: Oats, January-February 2023 - 2023-02-07T09:00:00+11:00

    The Australian grain industry has benefited from hosting the 11th International Oat Conference in Perth during October 2022. This unique event brought international experts from across the global oat value chain together with a large cohort of Australian oat specialists to learn about the opportunities and challenges for oat.

  • Could oats be used to manage Fusarium crown rot?
    Could oats be used to manage Fusarium crown rot?
    Supplement: Oats, January-February 2023 - 2023-01-31T09:00:00+11:00

    A short study by NSW DPI, supported by GRDC, has found that it appears that oats could provide some benefit in reducing in-crop yield loss from Fusarium crown rot compared with other cereals within NSW farming systems. However, oats might not necessarily reduce paddock inoculum levels or, therefore, the Fusarium crown rot risk.

  • ‘Dad’s oats’ – a value-added business driven by ideals
    ‘Dad’s oats’ – a value-added business driven by ideals
    Supplement: Oats-january-february-2023 - 2023-01-27T09:00:00+11:00

    Over 160 years, the Cain family has tapped into consumer values transitioning from fuelling hungry gold miners with oats to online marketing directly to health-conscious oat connoisseurs.

  • Collaborations – key for oat weed management tools
    Collaborations – key for oat weed management tools
    Supplement: Oats-january-february-2023 - 2023-01-25T09:00:00+11:00

    Oat production in Australia has been constrained partly due to the lack of weed management tools. This is because oats have been considered a minor crop, by many of the chemical registrants due to the relatively small area of production. Making the registration of crop protection chemicals for pest, disease and weed control more challenging. But collaboration amongst agencies is providing much needed impetus and the situation is improving with the release of imidazoline-tolerant oats and the registration of Nufarm TriflurX® and, potentially, prosulfurocarb.

  • GRDC ups ante in race to manage oat crown rust
    GRDC ups ante in race to manage oat crown rust
    Supplement: Oats-january-february-2023 - 2023-01-24T09:00:00+11:00

    Management of oat crown rust has always been challenging as populations of the fungus evolve rapidly. Control through the development and use of varieties with durable genetic resistance is the most economical and environmentally friendly method but progress has been slow. GRDC have upped the ante in the race to manage the disease through the deployment of new technologies, resources, and collaborations.

  • How do dual-purpose oats fit in the HRZ?
    How do dual-purpose oats fit in the HRZ?
    Supplement: Oats-january-february-2023 - 2023-01-20T09:00:00+11:00

    Dual-purpose oat varieties give added flexibility to growers in providing winter forage for livestock, in addition to income from the grain or hay harvested. But when produced in high-rainfall regions, growers need to contend with greater risk due to adverse weather conditions. A team from NSW DPI has been assessing the fit of dual-purpose oats in the HRZ and provide a few recommendations for growers.

  • Oat life cycle optimisation
    Oat life cycle optimisation
    Supplement: Oats-january-february-2023 - 2023-01-19T09:00:00+11:00

    The basis of oats’ seasonal flowering behaviour is being unpicked by a team of Australian experts who have honed their science on wheat and barley. Using emerging genetic tools that will be made available to oat breeders they aim to improve its adaptation to Australian environments.

  • Mission to decode the oat genome
    Mission to decode the oat genome
    Supplement: Oats-january-february-2023 - 2023-01-17T09:00:00+11:00

    Australia has secured early and ongoing involvement in an international venture to sequence the oat pan genome. Through investment with Murdoch University, GRDC has ensured inclusion of Australian oat varieties in the pan-genome initiative, PanOat. Mapping the genomes of key Australian oat varieties together with diverse international lines will lay the foundation for genomic assisted selection and accelerate Australian oat breeding.

  • Oats benefit from joining InterGrain stable
    Oats benefit from joining InterGrain stable
    Supplement: Oats-january-february-2023 - 2023-01-16T09:00:00+11:00

    When InterGrain successfully tendered for the Australian oat breeding program in 2020, InterGrain brought efficiencies of scale and the latest technologies to the endeavour. Together with forging key scientific collaborations the company is seeking to make a step change in oat performance for Australian growers.

  • Beyond breakfast for Aussie oats
    Beyond breakfast for Aussie oats
    Supplement: Oats-january-february-2023 - 2023-01-13T09:00:00+11:00

    Noodles, rice, couscous, semolina, bubble tea – oats are becoming an option for lunch, dinner and snacks. The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre are developing these products for growing markets for Australian oats into Asia.

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