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Check out our pick of outstanding CTF photos from the March-April 2020 Supplement in GroundCover™

Soil and Nutrition

Today we feature photos from the 2020 March-April CTF Supplement in GroundCover™.


The GroundCover™ March-April 2020 edition has hit mailboxes around the country and today we showcase just some of the many growers, advisers and researchers featured in the latest Supplement contained in this publication.

The Supplement - 'Controlled-traffic farming' - has proven highly popular on the website, with topical and timely stories focusing on a wide range of topics, including:

  • managing compaction;
  • matching machinery widths;
  • economics of adoption;
  • decision-making tools;
  • fuel and power;
  • system benefits;
  • preventing erosion;
  • soil amelioration;
  • nutrient management; and
  • CTF in low and high rainfall zones.

Grower case studies have been a particular highlight of this publication and we feature some of these innovative growers from across Australia. They are operating on a range of soil types and with different annual rainfall patterns.

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