How to navigate the GRDC National Variety Trials database

Tips for mining valuable results from GRDC's National Variety Trials system


Timely reminder about useful resource for assessing crop variety performance.


It's that time of the year again when grain growers around the nation are turning over the soil for 2019 plantings.

GroundCover reflects on how useful the GRDC's National Variety Trials (NVT) database is to check on crop variety performance for a range of agronomic traits and looks back on trial site photos.

Tips and tools for using the NVT system can be found in newly-released GRDC videos and podcasts here.

In this video, GRDC NVT Systems Manager Neale Sutton shows you how to navigate trial results on NVTonline to find suitable crop performance data for your own situation.

In this video, GRDC NVT Systems Manager Neale Sutton demonstrates how to interpret trial data on NVT's website.

Take a quick look around a National Variety Trial site with NVT's southern manager Rob Wheeler.

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