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What's in the past is not forgotten for our events

Growers are able to watch events they have may missed out on attending, by viewing our past events webinars.
Photo: Evan Collis

Do you need information on feathertop Rhodes grass management? Or are you investigating the treatment options for subsurface acidity presentation?

Don’t worry, GRDC has you covered. For the first time, you’re able to listen from the comfort of your own space to the latest information from Grains Research and Farm Business Updates held around the country.

All 2020 event recordings are available in the past events section of GRDC’s website. You’re also able to refine your search by filtering by region or event type.

GRDC Grower Relations Manager, North, Richard Holzknecht says more than 50 webinars covering a broad range of research and farm business topics are now available.

“Restrictions on face-to-face events meant this year, GRDC events were delivered online, which allowed us to record them and make them widely available to industry,” he says.

“We understand this year has come with unique challenges, so we are doing what we can to ensure growers and advisers have access to the latest research to help inform their decision making.

“There is a huge range of topics, all carefully chosen by industry-based, regional committees to ensure we showcase research that answers growers most pressing questions.

“I encourage people to check out the information.”

GRDC Grower Relations Manager, South, Courtney Ramsey says those managing farm finances, employment and logistics could also benefit from the on-demand format.

“A broad range of webinars are now available online and topics like grain marketing, how to build a business case, and recruiting and managing staff will resonate with industry,” Ms Ramsey says.

“This format is also likely to appeal as we know many women, who have a role in managing the farm business also have off farm  careers as well, so the fact they can access information when it suits will be really beneficial.”

Some past update topics include:

More information: visit the past events section of GRDC's website.

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