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Search for new GRDC managing director goes global

GRDC Chair Mr John Woods, left, with Managing Director Dr Steve Jefferies.
Photo: GRDC

GRDC's board is seeking new managing director, as Steve Jefferies will step down in 2020.

The Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) has announced that Managing Director Dr Steve Jefferies will step down in mid-2020.

GRDC Chair John Woods says that after four years leading GRDC, and 35 years serving the Australian grains industry, Steve was looking forward to moving into semi-retirement and spending more time with family.

The GRDC Board has commenced an extensive international recruitment process for a new GRDC Managing Director.

Mr Woods says that starting this process now would ensure time for an effective leadership transition to a new Managing Director before June 2020.

"GRDC has been through a great deal of change and has evolved under Steve's stewardship," he says.

"With a new purpose, new strategy, bolstering our regional approach and leading the execution of the 2018-23 five-year RD&E plan, Steve's commitment to the grains industry and understanding of our growers has been key to GRDC's realignment and delivering impact to our growers."

Mr Woods says Steve's leadership had resulted in major re-design and the organisation was now extremely well placed for the future.

"Implementation of the RD&E Plan is well advanced and is a priority across the entire GRDC business," he says.

"The Board is looking for a leader who will consolidate the change and maintain the momentum.

"An international search is underway to find a successor who will build on and enhance GRDC's ability to deliver on purpose, not re-design it.

"Planned leadership transitions such as this are a normal business process that all organisations go through from time to time.

"For all of us, it will be business as usual delivering world class RD&E outcomes to our growers."

More information: Kylie Dunstan, GRDC Head of Corporate Affairs, 02 6166 4500, 0428 864 934,

Useful resource: GRDC Research, Development and Extension Plan, 2018-23.

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