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Good grain storage management helps growers grab market opportunities

The GRDC continues to invest in grain storage research.
Photo: GRDC

Grain storage has moved beyond a feed and seed role on many farms as growers take advantage of the opportunity to store, segregate or blend their grain to capitalise on market opportunities.

Whatever the reason for storing grain on-farm  storing for own use, managing harvest logistics or capturing premiums  and regardless of whether it is for stockfeed, seed or human consumption, the implications of grain storage management can affect the whole industry.

In response to the increase in on-farm storage following the deregulation of grain marketing, the GRDC invests in research to equip growers with practical information to maintain grain quality and market access.

The GRDC Grain Storage Extension Project has developed an information hub for growers, advisers and storage manufacturers.

This site provides grain storage workshop details, best-practice guides and downloadable resources on a range of grain storage activities.

Visit the GRDC Grain Storage website for more information.

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